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Hennepin Arts provides essential arts education and community enrichment in Minnesota through programs like Spotlight Education and public art initiatives. Thousands of students benefit from enhanced theater education, and Hennepin Arts transforms the Hennepin Theatre District with vibrant, inclusive public art, fostering a sense of community and diversity.

Hennepin Art's Spotlight Education program enriches arts education for nearly 8,000 students across Minnesota, enhancing critical skills and providing equitable access to quality theater education. The Disney Musicals in Schools initiative fosters sustainable arts programming in elementary schools, and the Spotlight Showcase celebrates high school theater, allowing over 1,600 students to perform at the historic State Theatre.

Revitalization is happening in the Hennepin Theatre District with vibrant, inclusive public art and engagement activities. These efforts connect the community to diverse cultural experiences in unexpected places and spaces.

Cornerstone Projects

Hennepin Arts makes the Hennepin Theatre District to be more vibrant, welcoming and inclusive with our public art and programs connecting people to unexpected experiences.

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We are a non-profit that creates positive change through the arts by bringing together people, businesses and organizations to create and enjoy cultural experiences.

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