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Student Publicist

About the program

Spotlight students with interest or experience in writing, marketing and social media are invited to apply as a Student Publicist with a submission of required materials including a headshot, resume, writing prompts and supporting documentation (ex. photos, videos, paperwork, etc.) of their work.

Working closely with Spotlight staff, two (2) Student Publicists will create content and promote Spotlight Showcase 2024 presented by PNC and surrounding pre/post show events by being creative self-starters who work well under direction and timelines.

Jimmy Awards Student Reporter Program

Each year, the Jimmy Awards invites select Student Reporters from participating Regional Awards Programs to cover Jimmy Awards events through social media. The Student Reporter opportunity has been added to the program as an effort to include students who are not eligible to be nominated as performers. This provides a chance to expand connections into local schools’ journalism, film, and other related departments. Student Reporters work directly with the Jimmy Awards Digital team which allows them to receive an insider look at the digital marketing strategy of Jimmy Awards coverage while gaining insight into the field as a whole.

The Jimmy Awards seeks two Student Reporters from around the country to travel to New York and cover the Jimmy Awards on Monday, June 24, 2024, on social media on both the official Jimmy Awards channels and the student reporters’ personal channels. Spotlight Education’s two Student Publicists are eligible to apply as a Jimmy Awards Student Reporter. Students can opt-in to consideration in their application form.

To learn more about The Jimmy Awards Student Reporter program, view their website HERE.

Spotlight Education considers three different areas when selecting Student Publicists:

  • Skill level in social media and storytelling abilities

    • Preparedness in materials, interview and rehearsals

    • Organization

    • Innovation and Creativity

    • Timeliness

  • Leadership

    • Self-sufficiency

    • Communication

    • Leadership in high school theater program

    • Collaboration

  • Willingness and opportunity to grow

    • Curious

    • Emotional preparedness

    • Diverse experience