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Meet the We Are Still Here Cohort

Meet the artist

Olivia Seone Stern is an Afro-Indigenous artist whose usage of bright pastels and dynamic camera angles pull from the action-drama genres of animation seen in DC Comics and Sailor Moon. After graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2023 with a major in animation and minor in arts and education, she developed an understanding of the importance in bridging the gaps between history, art, culture, spirituality and education. She carries a deep respect for cultural diversity and building systems of economics that reverse the effects of manmade climate change through modes of storytelling such as comics, animation and video games.

Artist Statement: Spending time being educated in arts programs throughout high school, community and private college, I gained an understanding of the different philosophies around teaching that now shape my relation to tangible and conceptual forms of creation. As a digital artist, I focus my works on representing an abundance of positive diversity of historic cultures throughout the world. This kind of concept design led me to create stories and animations dedicated to exploring concepts for real world solutions in renewable systems of living. With a stylistic design of saturated pastels and dynamic camera angles to push the technical design with cultural imagery in my story’s composition.

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