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Hennepin Arts Staff

Office of President & CEO

Todd Duesing, President & CEO

Andrew Johnson, Associate Vice President of Strategic Implementation

Tim Carroll, Preservation Society Manager & Archivist

Sieglinde Thétard, Grants Manager


Heather McGannon, Chief Administrative Officer

Ramonica D.M. Moore, Vice President of People & Culture

Frankie Guell, Associate Vice President of Information Technology

Brooks Becker, Vice President of Finance

Carlye VanDanton, Organizational Projects & Board Affairs Manager

Evan Williams, People & Culture Business Manager

Liza Ferrari, Associate Vice President of Finance

Adrienna Schultz, Accountant

Emma Schlei, Accounting Specialist

Chelsea Bertsch, Accounting Specialist


Gail Nelson, Chief Operations Officer

Virginia "V" Fairchild, Director of Event Operations

Nichole Cassavant, Director of Ticketing Operations

Jamie Ryan, Associate Vice President of Operations

Jesse Carlson, Operations Coordinator, State Theatre

Rob Mills, Operations Coordinator, Orpheum Theatre

Steve Olson, Operations Coordinator, Orpheum Theatre

Seth Larkin, Department Head, Stagehands

Bill Cassidy, Department Head, Stagehands

Tom Burt, Department Head, Stagehands

Connor Belting, Department Head, Stagehands

Christian Gaylord, Department Head, Stagehands

Christopher Nimm, Department Head, Stagehands

Merritt Benton, Department Head, Stagehands

Craig Hostetler, House Services Manager

Robb Allen, Community Safety & Relations Manager

Victor Quiñones, Event Services Manager

Jennifer Burns, Performance Manager

Trish Goggin, Performance Manager

Jennifer Kneeland, Box Office Manager

Bryanne Kleinert, Box Office Associate

AJ Methner, Box Office Associate

Kristina Miller, Group Sales Manager

Debra Detloff-Johnson, Group Sales Associate

Noel Holmberg Maintenance Manager

Pia Christianson, Maintenance Technician

Nicholas Coleman, Maintenance Technician


Rick Hansen, Vice President of Programming

Lisa Krohn, Associate Vice President of Programming

Katrina Baxter, Contracts & Booking Specialist

Caleb McEwen, Artistic Director, Brave New Workshop

Matthew Vichlach, Technical Director

Jonathan Pumper, Music Director

Peter Anderson, Tech Associate


Anneliese Stuht, Director of Individual Giving

Julie Gotlieb, Director of Institutional Giving

Maddie Babel, Corporate & Institutional Relations Manager

Emily Sasik, Development Specialist

Shannon Hartle Dolan, Development Events Specialist

Marketing & Communications

Megan Kunz, Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Dale B. Stark, Director of Marketing & Communications

Jesse Daniels, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

Matthew Barrett, Marketing Manager

Elias Radtke, Communications Manager

Suzanne Whitman, Marketing Specialist

Nathan Meyer, Communications Specialist

Brooke Robison, Communications Specialist

Arts Education & Partnerships

Ari Koehnen Sweeney, Vice President of Arts Education & Partnerships

Katie Taintor, Program Manager

Britta Wells, Program Manager

Morgan Kempton, Program Specialist

We are a non-profit that creates positive change through the arts by bringing together people, businesses and organizations to create and enjoy cultural experiences.

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