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At Hennepin Arts, we proudly champion a vibrant and ever-evolving culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusification, Accessibility and Belonging (DEIAB). Our guiding principle revolves around the celebration of the uniqueness and invaluable insights that each individual’s journey brings to the table.

We take inspiration from the visionary concept of ‘inclusification’ coined by Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson. Inclusification is not just about token inclusion; it is a transformative approach that reshapes our very essence. It involves actively engineering environments where diverse voices inform the bedrock of our decision-making processes and cultural fabric.

Our commitment to DEIAB is woven into the very fabric of our identity, underpinned by five foundational pillars:


We understand that our strength lies in the tapestry of backgrounds, identities and perspectives that enrich our collective intelligence. We are not merely diverse; we are a vibrant kaleidoscope of human experiences, celebrating the myriad of ways where our differences converge to ignite innovation.


Our quest for equity is unwavering. We recognize that equity transcends mere equality; it is about forging specific pathways to dismantle systemic barriers and ensuring equitable opportunities for all, particularly those who have historically been marginalized.


We redefine inclusion as a process of reshaping our world to accommodate everyone, rather than expecting individuals to fit into our existing norms. Inclusification involves valuing and integrating diverse perspectives at the very heart of our existence.


We are committed to universal accessibility, firmly believing that accessibility is a fundamental right, not a privilege. We work to design physical and digital spaces to be welcoming and navigable by all.


We foster a profound sense of belonging, where individuals do not just feel included, but rather, they feel indispensable and integral to our collective journey.

In addition to these pillars, we humbly acknowledge and pay tribute to the Indigenous communities whose ancestral lands we operate on. We recognize the deep-seated injustices and erasure they have endured, and we pledge to honor their enduring connection to these lands. We are dedicated to learning from and integrating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into our work, ensuring their invaluable contributions are duly acknowledged and celebrated.

Our DEIAB declaration is not static; it is a commitment to ongoing growth, learning and action. We wholeheartedly invite our community—patrons, community members, employees and partners—to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we aim to pave the way toward a world that is not only more inclusive, equitable and respectful but also more inclusiFYing—an ever-evolving journey toward a better tomorrow.

We are a non-profit that creates positive change through the arts by bringing together people, businesses and organizations to create and enjoy cultural experiences.

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